Wardrobe Essentials Series: The Luxury Taupe Tote Bag

When you're buying fashion, it's hard to know sometimes where to splurge and where to save.  With this in mind, our "wardrobe essential" series of blog posts are designed to help you choose those items that really are worth splashing out on.

So let's talk about the taupe tote and why this key style is the perfect way to elevate an outfit.  

When we talk about taupe, we're describing a dark beige with a grey undertone. Dependant on the strength of the grey tone, this colour can range from a neutral deep beige through to a dark putty tone. There's a reason that fashion designers such as Armani, Burberry, Donna Karan and Michael Kors feature this shade so heavily in their collections. With more warmth than grey and much cooler than a tan; taupe bridges the gap on the colour wheel, is a great alternative to boring black, is way classier than white and goes with virtually everything in your wardrobe.   As such, a great taupe handbag is something you can use all year round and so if you invest in a premium model;  your pence per wear will more than justify the cost.

As a starting point my recommendation would be to choose a medium style tote version with a detachable shoulder strap, which will be far more versatile than a straight-up hand held style.  In addition, the size won't be too bulky and overpower your outfit.  You also need to consider your wardrobe and the colours in it.  If you tend to wear cooler hues such as blues and pinks; choose a shade that has a definite grey undertone. Conversely,  if you like wearing warmer shades such as browns, reds and yellows; pick a version that is more "neutral" and leans more towards a deep beige.  Try to steer away from bright gold or bright silver hardware, as this can cheapen the overall look of the bag. Instead, go for styles with "stitched on" handles or very subtle "brushed" meta

Finally, think about your budget and scour the internet to find some designer styles that you like, which websites have them and when their sales are.  As a neutral, taupe bags generally sell well and therefore don't make it into sale rooms.  On the rare occasion they do, they go quickly so make sure you're at the front of the online queue!

OUR TOP PICKS (click images to go to item)

1: Mid range designer: Michael Kors "Mercer" tote.

This understated tote bag comes in a hard wearing pebbled leather.  It normally retails at £338 but you can find it in our designer room for just £195.

2:  Luxury splurge: Tods Medium Tote in Turtledove

Tods are an Italian fashion house founded in 1920 and renowned for their artisan footwear and leather goods. This simply gorgeous tote bag normally retails at £1350 but you can find it in our designer room for just £625.00

3: Vegan and Purse Friendly: The Katie Loxton Avery Bamboo Tote

This super little bag looks WAY more expensive than its £59.99 price tag.  In lovely pebbled vegan leather, the bamboo handles give it the designer look and feel and any hardware there is, is subtle.  

You can buy online at www.katieloxton.com but there are plenty of independent local stockists for this brand too.



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