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Have you ever had that experience where someone gifts you something that you'd never have bought yourself (and you actually end up loving it)?  We're all guilty of getting into a rut about the products we buy and fashion is no exception.  Sure, sure we've all read the articles about the ten fashion basics no woman should be without (the trench coat, the white shirt, the black dress etc) but what about the items you didn't know you needed?  The subtle twists on the fashion classics that can transform your look.  Now those items truly are the gift that keeps on giving.  The ones you'll love to wear because you'll feel like you (kind of) discovered a new you.  And isn't that what fashion is all about?

The Sequin Top

No longer relegated to evening wear, sequins are a fantastic way to tweak your outfit.  They can stop a casual look being too sloppy, they can make a formal black trouser suit - well, a bit more fun and if they're light in colour they will surround your face in a subtle glow and make you look less tired. Winner.

Zara has a great range of sequins in most collections and in a variety of styles but if you're just getting started with the look;  we'd suggest beginning with a basic round neck version with sleeves.  You can push the sleeves up if you're after a more casual look and the neckline will work well under gilets and jackets.  

Our Jasmine Sequin Top is worth a look and comes in UK sizes 8-16.

The Orange Tote

There's a damn good reason that one of the most sought after colours in the iconic Hermes Birkin bag is the brands' signature burnt orange and that's because it goes with pretty much everything.   And yet, most people just don't realise this, probably because the shade is notoriously difficult to wear next to your face. An orange accessory however, carries no such (ahem) baggage. For example, it's the perfect way to inject some life into an otherwise boring  monochromatic outfit, particularly if you don't like wearing strong colour on your body. Conversely, it clashes wonderfully with jewel shades such as purple, teal blue and cerise yet also looks amazing paired with autumnal shades such as chocolate brown, khaki and deep aubergine.  Put simply, in a handbag it's just super classy without being super boring. You'll truly go to it time and again.

A word of warning though: with this colour, keep it simple.  Nothing will cheapen the look of your bag more than blingy or cheap looking hardware, so try to choose styles with stitched on handles, minimal branding and a structured shape.  It's also better to go for high quality faux rather than cheap leather which can crack and peel (particularly if it's bonded leather).

You really don't have to spend a lot of money these days to get a great looking handbag but if you do feel like splashing out our Tods Double T Tote is a great place to start as it can be worn in several different ways and is just the perfect shade.

The Metallic Brogue 

Once you get a pair of these, you'll actually wonder just what you did before you owned them.  They look super cute and flirty (and way less bloke-y than black or brown) teamed with a summer tea dress;  they'll dress up jeans and a white tee instantly - without looking like you tried too hard and unless you work in the most corporate of settings; they'll inject some fun into your work suit.


There's bags of choice available online in a range of shades from pale champagne to deep rose gold and from flat to wedge or platform styles.  The latter are great if you're shorter but still want the flat shoe look or you are short bodied and want to lengthen your leg and balance out your body.  Colour wise my preference is always silver - just because I think it looks more expensive than the other metallics.  Our Gabby Oxford is a great place to start and a great price too.

 The Layering Necklaces

Several (fine, this is key) necklaces can instantly make a look polished. If you happen to follow  any fashion influencers on Instagram, you may have noticed a trend of pendant, coin, and zodiac necklaces recently. 

Layering necklaces

Bloggers may make it look simple but layering necklaces is an art. The key to layering five or six necklaces is all about chain length. Make sure all of the necklaces are at least an inch apart to get a nice tiered effect.  If like me this scares you a bit or you just can't be doing with the faff; opt for a necklace that's one piece but with multiple layers.  Like our Peace Love Coin style.  Sorted. 

Just the small touches can be transformational.

When we're getting a bit tired of our current clothing, just some minor tweaks can make all of the difference.  Investing in each of these four key pieces needn't cost a lot of money at all and I guarantee will make your existing wardrobe work much, much harder.  You'll find lots of new ways to wear things you already love, it will help you rediscover old favourities in a new light AND (best of all) it might just  encourage you to finally wear those purchases that have been lanquishing in your closet with the tags still on.


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