Transitional Summer-Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

The UK weather is all over the place at the best of times.  Take this summer.  One moment it's searingly hot and humid.  The next day it's ten degrees cooler and blowing a hoolie. 

Dressing for erratic weather is hard enough but then you've got to contend with all of the "new season" drops in the stores and it's just way too depressing to think about knitwear when the mercury's still soaring, right?

So what's a girl to do?  Well, with the addition of a few key pieces (some of which you may already have), it's actually really easy to have a wardrobe that gives you a plethora of looks so you'll a: always be prepared and b: never be bored.  All of the pieces on the list are available now on our online store and all of them work with at least 50% of the other styles.  We hope you like our "how to wear" suggestions but they really are just the tip of the iceberg, so have fun creating your own looks too.  

The satin A-line midi skirt

There's just something super feminine about skirts and a great A-line number can be adapted to just about fit most occasions. Our leopard print version is great on warmer days worn with our silk tee and white sneakers.  If it gets cooler just throw on the denim jacket.   As the temperature drops, team with the cashmere knit and tuck one side in (blogger style) to create shape and stop the top half being too sloppy.   Finally swap your sneakers for the suede ankle booties and you're good to go.   And for nights out team with our silk cami and your favourite heels.  Simples. 

The boyfriend style cropped jeans

Cooler than a pair of skinnies on a hot day, a great pair of cropped boyfriend jeans in a lighter wash will give you plenty of options when you're seeking a more casual vibe.  On hot, hot days our lace trim silk cami and white sneaker keeps the look cool, hip and feminine but just throw on the utility jacket if the weather gets fresher.  As we transition into full on Autumn our cashmere sweater and ankle boots will smarten up the vibe.

The essential suede mid-heeled ankle bootie.

Forget seasons. These really, really are an essential in your wardrobe all year round (provided they're a tan or taupe). Great with jeans and skirts alike, the mid heel will give you a bit of height and the tapered toe will elevate the look and stop it looking too casual.  Pretty much wearable with everything on this list.  Styling note: if you're wearing with jeans, fold up the hem so it sits above the boot and doesn't bunch up around the neck.

The silky cami

It's easy to be scared of a cami or the thought of baring THAT much flesh (particularly if you're older) but the truth is they are great as a base layer.  On our list we've given too options - our classic black and taupe lace version and an alternative drape neck tank which provides a little more coverage.

A great look for early Autumn days when you're meeting the girls for lunch would be to pair your cami or tank with our white jeans (wear it outside, don't tuck it in) and our longline cardigan.  Simply add the gorgeous essential taupe bag and either the white sneakers or ankle booties and you'll be looking casually fine!

The classic denim jacket

If you don't have a classic denim jacket, it's time to invest in this wardrobe essential.  I'm not personally a fan of double denim (it can work but it's tricky to execute), so the only item I'd avoid putting this with would be the cropped jeans.  Other than that it will work beautifully with the skirt, white jeans, over the dress and my personal favourite?  The dungarees worn over the silk tee shirt, white sneakers and this beauty thrown over.  Oh, and a strong red lip.

White sneakers

 A good quality pair of white sneakers with a slight platform and a bit of detail will afford you so many wears, you'll wonder just what you did without them.  They can stop mid or maxi dresses/skirts looking too "mumsy", will look fresher than a trainer AND other than deepest winter, you'll wear them all year round.  We've a few great styles on the website but we've selected our full Italian leather pair by Q2 for the blog.

White jeans

Oh so misunderstood (and with good reason to be fair), the white jean is a surprisingly versatile style. However, you do need a little bit of styling know-how, otherwise you risk straying into cheap and tacky territory.  Generally speaking, avoid high heels with them, don't choose styles with embellishment and keep the lines sharp and simple.  

This piece will look amazing worn with the black version of our ruffle sleeve blouse, the leopard belt and a great pair of black loafers.  The denim jacket will provide a simple top layer. Pretty much a go anywhere look.   For cooler days keep the belt and switch in the cashmere knit, tucking it in one side and leaving the other to drape and elongate your torso. 

The real silk tee

This is a great basic to have in a few different colours.  Ours is 100% luxury silk and features a matt outer and a silky inner (to avoid it looking like nightwear) and comes in some great neutrals and colour pops.  It can be worn with all of the bottoms within our capsule wardrobe and as a natural fabric will help keep you cool on hotter days.  You pretty much cannot go wrong with this and it can be dressed up or down to suit your mood.  Our favourite look is worn tucked into our cropped jeans with our leopard belt and our Co-co boucle jacket but as I say; it's pretty much impossible to make a mistake with this one.  

 The Utility Jacket

Khaki is a great neutral and will suit most skin shades.  Even if it's not exactly right for you, it won't wash you out or overpower you.  A Utility jacket is such a great wardrobe basic, you'll go to again and again.  It can work with smarter trousers, if you know what you're doing but it's just super easy with skinny jeans.  We love ours paired with our white jeans, white sneakers and cami top on warmer days but it would work equally well over the cashmere sweater.  Just switch the sneakers for the ankle booties and you're good to go!

The taupe shoulder bag

It's really difficult to find a handbag style and colour that works with everything but a semi-structured medium sized piece in a taupe or khaki will cover most bases.  More classy than tan (which can throw a cheap looking orange tone), a neutral brown is cool enough to work with your blues and pinks but has enough punch to work with your warmer, Autumn shades.  There are loads of great styles out there but our frame style with ruched detail is a good starting point and the chain detail just adds a sharper edge to an otherwise quite casual vibe.

Ruffle Sleeve blouse

A great blouse or shirt with a dramatic detail is the perfect way to give some edge to an otherwise casual look.  Although it will obviously work really well with smarter pieces, we love our white version paired with our cropped jeans and white sneakers for a super feminine yet casual vibe.

The Boucle Jacket

A fashion classic, a boucle jacket is a tried and tested way to elevate a simple pair of jeans or trousers, without the need for full on tailoring.  Make this the key piece of your outfit and keep the base layers simple. If you want more drama, add some statement jewellery to the mix.

We love it worn with white jeans and a contrast silk tee.  To avoid this looking frumpy, add in the white sneakers and you have a great outfit for daytime lunches or shopping trips.

The leopard print belt.

A great belt can be the full stop and comma your outfit needs. A subtle leopard print version is so much more versatile than a boring black or brown.  If you're not confident in clashing your patterns, the addition of this piece ( to say a floral blouse and trousers) - will stop the outfit looking mumsy and add some edge. 

The Essential Cashmere Sweater

As a natural fibre, cashmere will keep you warm, is comfortable to wear but will also let your skin breathe.   Great on a cool summer evening or on a fresher Autumn day,     this essential basic is something you’ll turn to constantly. 

The Maxi Shirt Dress

Wear it with your silk lace cami and white jeans as a duster coat or switch in the leopard print belt and ankle booties for a more put together look.  Prefer something more casual?  No problem, just swap the booties for sneakers and throw the denim jacket over.

Styling note:  there's a lot of material in this dress so if you're shorter consider having the sleeves cut to three quarter or simply roll them up and add some bracelets.

The Dungarees

Our final item on the list is a lightweight pair of dungarees.  Ours come in a range of colours, including neutrals and Autumn brights.  They are super comfy and you won't want to take them off.  They obviously work really well with our silk tee underneath but my favourite look?  The white ruffle sleeve blouse worn underneath the navy version and with the white sneakers.

So there you have it - a wardrobe that is quite literally, ready for anything. Well most things.  Unless it actually snows in September, in which case beam me up Scotty 'cause I'm moving to Mars.


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