Blame It On The Weatherman: this week's hot picks for the unpredictable British summer.

So, the weather hasn't been great this week.  Rainy, mizzly, grey, blah. But it's not cold as such , so it's difficult to know just what to wear.  Plus, now that lockdown is being gradually lifted and we can go out a bit more.... well we WANT to go out a bit more.

This week's hot picks from independent and small boutique brands (including our own) is perfect for when you're out and about running errands in our unpredictable weather.  They've been picked to help you look casual, comfortable but most importantly; stylish and put together. I hope you like them.  As always, I've selected great pieces that work equally well together as an outfit, or, own their own.

The reversible tote bag

My choice here is the most expensive item but it will last you for years and years and quite frankly, I just don't think you'll find a better alternative.  The Morph Bag by GSK is a premium vegan leather set of three bags in one; comprising of a capacious tote that can be reversed to give you two opposing colourways.  It's £199 and comes in several beautiful options.  The one I've chosen is the deep sea and cloud which is a mix of a practical navy and a lovely cloudy grey that will work all year round. 

Inside the tote, there's a fantastic compartmentalised shoulder bag and also a pouch, which really makes it the perfect solution to have when you're out and about. You can wear the shoulder bag and have a safe place to put your keys, 'phone and purse and have the tote handy for your larger items or to use to put your shopping in.  If you're out and about in the car, you can use the pouch to house your keys and credit card, so that when you jump out to pick up your dry cleaning or fill up with petrol; you don't have to take more than you need.

The Morph bag is a gorgeous luxurious pebbled faux leather and is easy care. An investment piece you'll use and use and use.

Side Note: A high quality faux leather is always a better option than a cheap leather.  Bear in mind that some of the popular "designer" totes are actually bonded leather which is a mixture of end cuts of various hides, mixed with a synthetic bonding agent. It's used in budget furniture production a lot and typically has a chemical smell but most importantly, it's super prone to cracking and just doesn't keep it's lustre.

The lightweight rain coat

The great British summer certainly isn't immune to rain but if you're anything like me; you hate umbrellas.  A great solution is a lightweight rain coat with a hood, that you can just roll up and pop into your bag, so it's there when you need it.

Our Zara raincoat comes in three great neutrals of black, khaki and navy and features a striped lining and a drawstring waist to help it look sharper.  It is super light and will pack to virtually nothing, so it's ideal when you're travelling.  I've chosen the navy for this look as it looks great in summer against your brights and whites. £45 sizes UK 8 - UK 18

The logo sweatshirt

If you're going casual for the day, a fun logo sweatshirt or lightweight knit is a really easy way to lift your outfit and look like you've made an effort.  There are so many varieties out there but I really like this twisted heart sweat by Hari and The Gang, a relatively new online British brand loved by celebrities.  At just £34 it's a great price and comes in sizes UK 8- UK 16.  


The essential skinny jeans

Skinnies are the style that just won't go away. Why?  Because they're so comfortable and act more like a foundation garment; allowing you "build" your look over them.  

Good jeans are so hard to find and (although as an online store I shouldn't say this) are one of the clothing purchases that you should always try on in the store if you can.  What works for you is most likely not going to work for me; so when you find a brand and cut you like; buy a couple of pairs if you can!

Generally speaking a good place to start is a style that has at least 5% lycra in the fabrication.  This will allow for good stretch, memory and comfort and will make them less likely to bag at the knee. 

If you do want to buy online, our Alexis jean by Q2 has 10% spandex which really does allow for superior stretch.  They are also high waisted, which helps achieve a streamlined fit without the dreaded "muffin top".   

If you're plus size, the Kira Bodyshaping High Waist Jeans from Curvissa are currently half price and come in sizes UK 16-32

Side Note: To achieve the popular "blogger look" with your jeans, just rough cut the hem with a good pair of scissors just above the ankle, leaving the threads.

The white sneakers

When you're racing around town in wet Summer weather, you can't realistically do that in sandals.  A great white sneaker is an easy way to keep your outfit super fresh in the warmer months AND provide the necessary comfort.  A basic white fabric sports shoe will get shabby really quickly (and get your feet wet) so you need something with a bit of protection.

Our Bailey Sneaker has a lovely floral embellishment feature to the side which will instantly amp your look from casual to curated.  In sizes UK 3-UK 8 it's just £39.


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