How To Style Your Culottes Like a Fashion Pro This Season

The culotte trend is strong for AW2020 and if you’re tempted to try the look but are yet to bite the sartorial bullet and purchase a pair; it may just be time to get on board....

With this in mind, we've put together some highly wearable outfits that will hopefully give you enough inspiration to take the plunge.



Trinny is a mastermind when it comes to creating outfits with perfect proportions. The mix of biker jacket, preppy striped shirt and platform brogues combine to produce a look that is totally polished and yet relaxed.  The black tights/socks underneath help elongate the leg (important with culottes) and keep the vibe sharp and businesslike.

Shop Trinny's look below


Now there’s one version that’s leading the fashion pack: leather culottes (or our preference; faux leather).

That being said, leather culottes can be a daunting piece to try, but we’ve found three versions that prove that these trousers are both chic and easy to wear.

Check them out below.

A-listers and bloggers seem to love pairing their culottes with knitwear and we have to agree - it looks fabulous!  They also seem to favour heels and this is probably because (if you're not careful) culottes can make your legs look shorter than they actually are.   

Shop similar styles below (click the product image links to shop)

Picture 1 (Striped sweater and statement heel)

Picture 2 (Olivia Palermo, chunky knit, faux fur jacket and snake print heels)


Picture 3 (80's vibe sweater and knee high boots)



When it comes to culottes there's plenty of choice right now, both on the High Street and Online, so there's no need to miss out on the trend.  Just remember to keep the top half streamlined in order to balance the wider look of the pants.  So tuck shirts and sweaters in (or do a half tuck like the Olivia Palermo pic) and if you need to size up in order to allow this - then do so.

Armoire Boutique, August 2020


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