Dangerous Curves Ahead. How to choose the right plus size swimsuit this summer.

There's a serious amount of preparation to be made before we whip out those lily white limbs on the beach (non patchy/streaky self tan application for starters) and even set foot on the sand.   Seriously, it's enough to fill even the most body confident of us with dread and if you're curvier, it's even more intimidating.   If you are plus size; don't worry and read on. We have you covered.

Ashley Graham


Well we don't ......but we actually do.

Okay to explain, plus size swimwear used to be all tankinis and dark colours - right? Shoulder straps the width of the Clyde, you know the kind of thing.   Not very fun and strangely, not that flattering either.  No wonder sales of kaftans and sarongs have been so strong.  Thankfully, we're now living in more body positive times and gorgeous role models like Ashley Graham and Katie Sturino are living proof that you can ditch the beach cover ups and ROCK a bikini.

There's just a little bit of science involved but fret not, we've taken care of that.  All you have to do is decide on your body shape and get ready to make some waves.

The Classic Pear

You're a pear if you have an average bust and shoulders but have wider hips and a tummy. 

Your secret weapon is to choose a bikini or one piece that has a patterned top and a solid coloured lower half.  This will slim your bottom section and balance you out. Our "Queenish" and "Floral Contrast" swimsuits are great choices for this body shape.

The Heart Shape

Heart shape figures are what we'd typically call "top heavy" with broad shoulders a large bust and smaller hips.  

You need to play up your assets.  For example, if you've got a great cleavage play that up with a plunging neckline but take care to stay away from busy prints on the top half of the body.  A great option for you would be our "Sky's the Limit"  one piece swimsuit which will break up the line of your shoulder width, highlight your cleavage AND with it's clever asymmetric pattern placement; draw the eye down the body and elongate you.

Sky's The Limit One Piece


The Hour Glass

You ( lucky lady) have a classic 1950's movie star shape with an ample bosom, curvy hips and a narrow waist.  Your top and bottom half is basically in proportion but you could have a bit of a tummy.  It all adds to the charm!

The ace card for you, is a one piece that cinches you in at the waist to really emphasise those curves.  Our "knot interested" version is a sizzling hot pink but if you prefer a two piece or darker colours  "The Catch" will keep the ladies under control and the cut of the bottom will flatten your tummy. Okay, stop gloating Marilyn.  

Now go stop some traffic.... or at leat a seagull or two.

As they say, it's not the size you wear but the way you wear your size.  So as you head on down to the beach this summer, the only thing you need to worry about is what to do with all those admiring glances.  Well maybe that and social distancing.  



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