Lockdown Lustre - how Jewellery can amp up your lockdown style.

We all know that accessories are a great way to elevate an outfit; so it should come as no surprise that a small - well edited - selection of jewellery is definitely something worth investing in.  Plus, it doesn't have to break the bank.  In days gone by it was a choice between fine (often boring) pieces or gaudy "costume" styles....but that's all changed in recent years.

The advent of semi-fine brands and designers has paved the way for customers to get  that high quality, high value look at a fraction of the cost.  So, how do they do it?  For earrings and delicate bracelets and necklaces; the use of hypo-allergenic sterling silver (as a base metal) is very common nowadays.  To achieve a gold or platinum finish, a fine layer of vermeil (plate) is applied - normally between 0.5 and 2.0 microns thick. 

The thicker the plate, the longer the item is longer to wear.  Provided you don't expose the vermeil to harsh chemicals and perfumes and clean it after use with a dry, soft cloth;  it should keep its lustre for years. If the coating does wear off however;  many brands will even re-plate your favourite style for a small cost.

There's also the use of lab grown diamonds or high quality cubic zirconias, which give the sparkle and shine of real stones.  Like our gorgeous CZ solitaire earrings by Latelita that cost just £29 -  rose gold and silver available.

For a more contemporary look; semi-precious stones - such as druzy, quartz and turquoise, have become incredibly popular too.

For heavier styles such as thicker necklaces or bracelets; the use of stainless steel as a base metal is commonplace, as it doesn't tarnish or go green like nickel and (as long as it is surgical grade) is hypo-allergenic.  Again, to get that precious metal lustre, plating is often applied.

If it's been a while since you last bought jewellery, it's a case of thinking about the look you want to achieve and of course, your budget.  If you lean more towards the classic, a great pair of solitaire studs and a tennis necklace will illuminate both your face and lift any outfit, no matter how casual.  If you like to stay abreast of current trends, you could choose to layer two or three (or even four) necklaces or bracelets and tap into the current mood.  If it's all about the hands for you; our Ellie ring is the perfect addition to virtually any outfit and is just £49.

As you can see; some well chosen pieces are a great way to lift both your mood AND the most casual of outfits. Plus, they'll continue to work hard for you, long after lockdown has ended.  So, whilst we might not be investing in much else right now; this is one treat you can give yourself and start wearing right away.