Affiliates and Bloggers

Affiliate Programme

Here at Style Confidential, we run an Affiliate programme.  This means that bloggers, customers and influencers alike, can earn money from promoting products they love on their social media platforms.

So, if you've bought a product that you're really enjoying and want the world to know, why not register to be an affiliate?  There's no silly contract or pressure to post lots of content, just what you're comfortable with.  We just give you a link that you can use on your post, so that when someone checks out a product online, we can trace the sale back to you and pay you 10% commission , directly to your PayPal account.   When used, this link also automatically applies a 10% in-cart discount to the referred customer.

Basic affiliation is also a really good platform for would-be bloggers to start.  Once you achieve more than five sales within a three month period; we provide you with a 30% discount code to use on all your future purchases.

If you're interested in signing up to our Affiliate Programme free of charge, please sign up here.

Blogger and Influencer Gifting Programme

If you're interested in working with us, first of all please sign onto our Affiliate Programme. Then, email detailing your social media handles, why you think we're a good fit and, if possible, the sales results you've achieved working with other brands.  The more information the better.

We are only recruiting 1-2  new  influencers each month.  We're not necessarily interested in seasoned bloggers with a massive following but we need to know that you'll put time and effort into promoting our brand, in exchange for regular free product*,  plus the opportunity to earn monthly commission;  paid directly to your PayPal account.  You will also get your own unique discount code to use against your own personal purchases (over and above your allowance) on the website.

*all professionals signed onto and accepted onto our gifting programme, start off with an allowance of £75 of free product for the first three months. We ask that you promote the product/s a minimum of three times and this can be across different channels. If you're interested in partnering with us, just message us in the chat bot at the bottom right of the screen, DM us through any of our social media channels OR send us a good old fashioned email to

If we like what we see, we will approve you for blogger gifting.

Paid Partnerships

We currently do not work with bloggers and influencers on a paid basis.